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last night

Santa Monica.

Hippie electro house music.

Canadian boys.

Back To The Future clips?

Smoking cigarettes with my boss.

Watching the sun come up.

I feel like shit.

This is 23.

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The Pros of Long Distance Relationships

The Pros of Long Distance Relationships


I’d like to thank OITNB for inspiring this post. As most of us know, Piper goes to prison, which involves leaving her poor fiancée alone at home for 15 months. As strange as it is, this is considered a type of long distance relationship. Anyway, Larry gets a cool gig on a radio segment involving the struggles of an LDR.

I think half of the enjoyment I receive from this show deals with the fact…

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Ballin’ On A Budget

Ballin’ On A Budget


I’m 23, freshly graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Merchandising, and quickly learning how fast my money goes. The paychecks come and go, and I’m left with little to no savings. So I’ve decided (today) that it’s time to make a change. Listen up, female friends:

I took some inspiration from the lovely Marie ClaireMagazine. They wrote a great article titled, “The Rich Girl’s Money Rules…

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Fashion Marketing Girls | #FGILA

My best friend and I made a new blog. Should you follow it? ;)

Fashion Marketing Girls | #FGILA

My best friend and I made a new blog. Should you follow it? ;)

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Drunchie Boycott

My name is Lauren Machernis and I am a hypochondriac.

But this time, I’m like, actually sick and my funeral may or may not be around the corner.

Just kidding, or am I?! Case in point: this is how my brain works.

So for all of you just like me (cracked out on anxiety), stay away from drunchies alright. Drunchies = drunk + munchies. Unless you’re going to take a cab home and bathe in your own…

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amazing how one single person can ruin the holidays. and birthdays. and special events.

at least i get to kiss the one i love tomorrow.

if it weren’t for that, by golly i don’t know.

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dads are either too nice or assholes there is no in between

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Oh hi.

So this is happening! I’ve created a blog like the rest of my college grad peers.

The scoop:

  • My name is Lauren.
  • 22 years young.
  • I live in Long Beach, CA.
  • I work as a Graphic Designer & Social Media Strategist.
  • At 5’10 and 120 pounds, I also model in my…

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O B S E S S E D - WITH - C O V E N

O B S E S S E D - WITH - C O V E N

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"It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but can’t have them in your arms."
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